A Kitchen Drama
Claudia Wainer

Case No: 455689
Reporting Officer: LEE, Francis
Incident: disorderly domestic objects in a luxury kitchen

Detail of Event:

On October 17th, 2016 at 20:00PM, the Beverly Hill County Sheriff’s office recorded a suspicious incident at 9577 Sunset Boulevard. Neighbor, Sally May reported unusual activity at the residence while she was walking her dogs along an unnamed local road. In her report, Ms. May stated that although she could hear loud indistinct noises as if someone was robbing the house, she did not see anyone inside the home. She proceeded to walk across the property towards the palatial style residence to peer through a ground floor window that viewed into the kitchen. Ms. Lee described what she saw as a “room of horrors.”

Officers were dispatched to the scene of the crime. Officer Daniel Turner was the first to arrive and search the residence. Officer Turner described the scene as follows: There were no signs of forced entry inside the kitchen. The stuff usually hidden behind cabinets and within drawers were scattered across countertops. Dishes cracked from an unknown force maintained their usability. Spills were not accidental but purchasable. Chairs were cross breeds of cute and familiar forms. Hordes of kitchenly artifacts were deviously assembled on a shapely island. Officer Turner concluded that the disorder inside the kitchen appeared to be carefully organized. No suspects have been identified.

The following images are the crime scene photos.

A Kitchen Drama” received honorable mention for Blank Space’s Fairytale Competition 2019

Claudia Wainer is a Los-Angeles-based designer, researcher and educator. She currently teaches undergraduate
design studios at Cal Poly Pomona and is a guest curator at A+D museum. She completed her Masters of Architecture degree at The Southern California Institute of Architecture in 2017 where she also received her postgraduate degree from SCIArc’s Design Theory and Pedagogy program in 2018.