Wash Editorial

We are overwhelmed by a culture that produces content faster than it can be understood. As a result, the architectural project – as historically considered by its physical material and construction – is dead on arrival. Is there an architecture that is able to reflect the contemporary landscape of 1’s and 0’s without a beginning or an end? A landscape with “endless scroll” enabled, the perfect Instagram post. 

To better illustrate this condition, we need not look further than the flood of “post-isms”: post-history, post-internet, post-digital, post-conceptual, post-borders, post-ontology, Post-malone, post-human, post-truth… terms that describe a condition of utter flatness, a condition where everything is common. The result is a cultural space defined by high-speed data processing and accumulation – which is highly susceptible to tampering.  It is a realm of unfathomable scale where even superstructures are rapidly swallowed up by layers of new digital developments. 

WASH issue 02 post-, exhibits works that possess qualities akin to Borges’s Aleph; “The place where, without admixture or confusion, all the places of the world, seen from every angle, coexist.” The Aleph is an inconceivable analogy similar to Ezekiel’s angel, with four faces, facing east and west, north and south at once. The cultural space we now live in seems overwhelming but perhaps architects and artists do not deny us an image of this space via Aleph’s of their own. From co-construction video game universes to parafictional energies, WASH weaves together projects that force us to question our relationship to each other and our surroundings.